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Crushing Data into Revenue


AbandonAid was founded on the premise of combating cart abandonment, using a wide range of anti-revenue-loss features with the simple, yet complex mission of engaging shoppers and directing them back to complete their purchase.

AbandonAid quickly became one of the fastest-growing cart abandonment solutions for online merchants. But as our range of solutions evolved; and shopper data collected increased, we promptly came to the conclusion that it was no longer “just” about cart abandonment anymore. After a little more than a year of deep data analysis and testing, we realized that the amount of potential revenue shoppers were leaving behind was nothing short of astonishing. AbandonAid took on a new mission and began to develop a platform using Machine Learning and AI to combat site-wide revenue loss through deep data and Datacrushers was born.

The Economist posted an article recently about the impact data is having on the industry titled, “The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data.” It’s all about the data! A resource, now as powerful and game changing as oil was in the industrial age. The magic happens when data is crushed, refined and processed. We believe that data is at the heart of commerce and everything we’re doing.

Ecommerce merchants and marketing managers collect and have access to huge amounts of data, and they know it.  With the right solutions, much can be learned from the data.  The majority of online merchants use several analytics tools, many of them being redundant and almost always, these tools are being used side-by-side with the goal of understanding the collected data.  The majority of merchants are still unable to see the actual data results, yet alone decipher their true meaning without using intelligent actionable analytics to turn them into revenue.

Those days are officially behind us and a new dawn in actionable and executable data-driven revenue has arisen.

We are Datacrushers. Join us in redefining the future of eCommerce!

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