Using Today’s Analytics to Power Tomorrow’s Sales

As the holiday season approaches, you’re going to notice an increase in the number of visitors (also commonly referred to as “Traffic”) to your eCommerce site. This will likely manifest itself in an assortment of ways. Increased traffic generally results in increased sales, orders and of courses, the ever dreaded cart abandonment.

Obviously, we can never forget the overworked staff. Make sure to keep them on your own gift list!

On the other hand, what about all that traffic that isn’t completing purchases right away? After all the work that went into your sales funnel, on average, out of 100 visitors, only 3 (at most) will complete a purchase. All those expensive paid ads have been clicked, links have been followed, shopping carts have been filled, and finally – after all of that – only 3 purchases were completed!

Work Smarter, Not Harder

With so much potential in revenue simply being left on the table during the busy holiday season, there must be something you can do to maximize sales. So how do you ensure that the time and money invested in driving traffic to your website during the holiday season results in the best ROI possible?

First and foremost, let’s start by analyzing just where all this traffic is coming from. Desktop or Mobile? Are these visitors simply guests, or regulars? If they are guests, did you succeed in getting their email address? If they are regulars, did they complete the purchase?

Let’s tackle the hardest part of this process first; converting your new traffic into paying customers.

Turning Today’s New Visitors into Tomorrow’s Customers

Let’s start with a small story about a man, who goes from casually browsing to buying.

It’s December 5th, and Zach Plant has just left work. It’s 6 pm and he had a long day at the office.

Zach is on the train and remembers his wife, Cathy, had been casually dropping hints regarding her interest in a new pair of Ruby Drop Earrings for the past few weeks. Zach pulls out his smartphone and begins to search for this product. A link to your website appears in his browser. Zach follows the link and adds one pair of Ruby Drop Earrings in 14kt Yellow Gold to his shopping cart. Zach, of course, has no interest in filling out his personal information, setting up an account or adding credit card information while on a crowded train. Suddenly, it’s his stop, he gets off, gets home, and in short order has forgotten to complete his purchase. Christmas rolls around, and his wife is disappointed.

Thankfully, Zach had the good sense to provide his email address, once prompted to do so by your website.

But again, Zach has not logged in rather only a guest shopper without an account. A short while later, he gets an email kindly informing him that his cart is waiting to pick up where he left off.

While the above story is, in and of itself fictional, the scenario is not. This scenario happens Every. Single. Day.

Zach, can, of course, be brought back to make a purchase from your website, and Datacrushers pre-submit machine learning technology helps make this happen every day. Although much of the traffic to your website may not end in sales as of today, that does not mean these visitors are a lost cause. A post-holiday email blast to your new visitors will result in new traffic, and ultimately, new customers. As effective as this method is (and it’s incredibly effective indeed) it doesn’t tackle the not-insignificant matter of getting existing customers to come back to you.  

Keep Your Existing Customers Happy

So, what about those customers who completed purchases during the holiday season? How do you ensure they come back in a timely manner? This is where keeping track of your customers LTV and LTS (Lifetime Value & Lifetime Sales) comes in handy. We can use the value filter to create customized emails for our customers based on parameters of our choosing. For example, a customer who spent $1,000 this holiday season, should get a discount coupon good for the next few months, or a customer who has made between 2-3 purchases and spent less than $1,000 can receive a different personalized offer to help bring them back in. It ’s up to you to determine the specific premium you wish to offer your customers as a “Thank You” for their business.

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Keeping the traffic flowing going forward into 2018 does not have to be a daunting task.

Our revenue discovery platform provides you with all the tools you need to make it happen. From the powerful cart, search and browse abandonment campaigns to our powerful segment filters that will help you easily and efficiently narrow down your customers and organize them based on the offer you want to send them and then with a single click of the button, create a winning campaign. Customizing email blasts based on LTV / LTS segmentation is a breeze with the tools included in our platform. Customized emails and offers will not only ensure repeat business going forward in 2018; they will ensure your customers value their business as well.


Now that you’re ready for the holidays, make sure you’re ready to capture every sale you can and stop any abandonment before it happens. Datacrushers is a revenue discovery platform and global leader in site-wide revenue recovery cart abandonment recovery and acceleration.

Disrupting the status-quo, Datacrushers is fundamentally changing the way online merchants use real shopper analytics to boost revenues and improve client lifetime value. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, Datacrushers is a technology and platform agnostic tool designed for rapid go to market deployment across any language and currency. Datacrushers enables revenue growth by the use machine learning and artificial intelligence to mine real user, site and product data into actionable analytics to drive highly targeted and personalized multichannel campaigns both on and off-site.

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