Using Q4’s Traffic to Maintain Strong Momentum and Increase Revenue In 2018

2018 is fast approaching. Before you know it, the next quarter will begin; will you be ready? I hope the answer is going to be a solid “yes”. What can you do to ensure that your “Yes” will translate into sales and revenue?

You have your sales figures from the past year. Your campaigns ran nicely. Finally, you analyzed your conversion rates, and you have a pretty good idea about what works, and what doesn’t – or do you? What can you do to affirmatively ensure that your targets are going to be met going into the new year? Luckily for you, DataCrushers uses class-leading machine-learning technology to help you take your business to the next level. The best part is; you don’t need a Computer Science degree to make it happen.

Critical Interest Points (CIP)

In our series on maintaining strong momentum going forward into 2018, we will take you through the process of covering the essential CIPs for success. Presented below is a detailed list of what will be covered in the coming weeks.

Leveraging Your Q4 Traffic into 2018’s Sales

Q4 is the period when comparatively speaking, your business is likely to receive the most visitors and make the most money. However, much of that traffic can be efficiently converted into regular sales going forward into the new year.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Getting your sales funnel to turn into revenue doesn’t have to be daunting. Well, show you how to take your CVR to the next level.


Are you targeting the right audience with your campaigns? Is the right message across? Finally, are your customers receptive to that message? Does your AOV reflect this? We will show you how to answer these questions with ease.

Fintech & Closing Sales

How much do you really know about the emerging world of Fintech? We’ll show you how companies such as Affirm can help you close more deals with your customers daily. Affirm works by providing consumer financing at the point of sale (check out). Subsequently, this will lead to more revenue for you.

Data Retention and You

A good place to start; data retention – you already know your customers, but have you really sat down and double-checked the data? Perhaps you missed something critical, say the needs of a client, or demographic. Regularly reviewing your data will help ensure you keep track of all sorts of (things? Strike this) that will affect your business going into 2018.

Shopping Cart Abandonment

At the same time, cart abandonment reaches its peak during this period. How do we turn these casual viewers into paying customers? Your business is likely losing out on tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue – let’s change that.

Discovering New Revenue via Analytics

Ignorance is bliss; except when it affects your bottom line. Our powerful analytics suite will help you determine the CIPs that can be expanded on to increase your revenue in short order.

Site Search Data Drives Site Wide Sales

Without this tool, you are limiting your true potential. Learn how to embrace site search data to give your customers exactly what they want, when they want it – hassle free.

Break It Down

You can hit the ground running by reviewing what worked, and what the overall results were. Once you have that narrowed down, move onto what specifically did not work – great, now aim to eliminate making those same mistakes in 2018. Write it down on a whiteboard, and ensure everyone in the office takes notice of the fact that X was unsuccessful, but Y – well that worked like a charm and delivered the results you worked so hard to achieve.

Our data analysis tools give you the power you need to make all the necessary determinations required for the advancement of your business. Figuring out the who, what, and when of your sales funnel has never been easier. Taking the time to do this now, will ensure a super smooth transition into 2018.

Small Details, Big Results

An easy place to get started is to review the success of your email campaigns. Start by reviewing which terms worked, and what subject line caught your customer’s eyes? What time of day did they open your email? Finally, what happened after they followed an embedded link?

You can use this data as a conduit to future success simply by improving on the small things. Stay tuned for more. Over the next few weeks, we will bring you CIPs to really keep things moving in 2018.

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