Using landing pages to drive sales during peak holiday shopping

One of the earliest eCommerce marketing inventions was something called a “splash page.” It was a short, sales-driven page that featured zero distractions and absolute information about one particular item. The splash page’s purpose was to generate point-of-contact sales for that specific product by eliminating any and all distractions and barriers.

Surprisingly enough, splash pages were an effective marketing tool for a very long time. Unfortunately, they became so widely used that eventually, they succumbed to push back from customers who were tired of being manipulated into sales. But, just because the splash page is antiquated doesn’t mean there wasn’t something to take its place!

Introducing: landing pages

Landing pages are today’s modern sales equivalent to the splash page—with a few modifications. Landing pages aren’t as quarantined from the rest of an eCommerce site and they often aren’t as driven by hard sales. Instead, the purpose of a landing page is to move a potential customer into the sales pipeline in a natural, no-pressure way. They’re less invasive and more informative.

Seasonal landing pages

During the holiday season, landing pages go from being moderately effective to absolutely paramount. Why? Because shoppers are looking for an inclusive shopping experience that leaves them absolutely confident in their purchase decisions. No one wants to give a bad gift!

Seasonal landing pages also play another imperative role in the success of your eCommerce: they illustrate new products. Everyone from video game developers to tech companies, apparel manufacturers to booksellers saves the best of the best for the holiday season. This means new product launches, special bundles and more. Landing pages help showcase these sought-after items and give them credence as specialty products over other, more generic product pages.

How to deploy the best seasonal landing page

Setting up seasonal landing pages is a simple task, yet one that requires formulaic attention. Here’s what your landing pages need to have:

  • A great CTA
  • Captivating images of the product, as well as alluring art and engaging visuals.
  • Relevant product information and information about variants of the product.
  • A brief, detailed, exciting description of the featured item.
  • A link to the actual product page or an “add to cart” button for conversions.
  • A clearly-listed price and/or any markdowns that might be featured.
  • Exclusions, limitations, and terms, for upfront marketing.

Remember, the sole focus of your landing page should be on a single product or brand. Deviating from a singular focus means withering your messaging. If you have multiple heavy-hitters up for grabs this holiday, dedicate a landing page to each product.

Getting traffic to landing pages

The only thing that’s left after creating a landing page is getting customers’ eyes on that page. This means making your landing pages the focal points for all marketing. Here are a few basic, tried-and-true strategies for success:

  • Create promo emails with direct links to relevant landing pages.
  • Use landing page links as part of your PPC and Facebook ads.
  • Use landing pages for any social media marketing you do.
  • Redirect product searches for relevant terms to landing pages.

The more effective you are at pushing holiday shoppers to your landing pages, the more opportunities you’ll have to convert on eager seasonal shoppers looking to take advantage of the season’s sales.


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Unlock the power of the landing page

Even if you’re already using landing pages to market your big-ticket or high-traffic items, setting up holiday-specific landing pages for your seasonal shoppers is a must-do task.

Still need convincing? According to an immersive study by Hubspot of over 4,000 eCommerce sites, businesses with 31 to 40 landing pages generated 7 times more leads than those with only 5 or less total landing pages. And, those with over 40 specified landing pages saw 12 times more leads still!

Think about how many holiday shoppers are coming to your website with the potential to purchase. Now, multiply that by 7 or 12. It quickly becomes evident that landing pages are a core factor in boosting your conversion potential during the peak holiday sales season.


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