Using Cart Abandonment to Keep Customers Coming Back

Being able to recapture on a cart abandonment and turn it into a conversion is a great feeling—especially if you’ve been successful in developing a process for doing it. But converting on abandoned carts isn’t the end-all be-all for success in this ecommerce niche. There is, in fact, one more step you need to consider: creating an ongoing customer that keeps coming back.

Cart abandonment campaigns represent the opportunity to not only boost your sales through a new revenue channel, but also to create recurring customers with deep-rooted brand loyalty. The act of redeeming a cart shows that a customer is willing to come back—it’s your job to keep them coming back.

Forging trust

Reaching out to an abandoned cart shopper is a direct personal appeal. You put their name in the email, show them pictures of their specific items and link them directly to the cart they left behind. It’s a more intimate form of marketing, beyond just blasting a reminder email. And while it might be an effective recapture tool, it’s also a great way to develop trust.

Cart abandonment marketing shows a customer that you care about their individual purchase. You’ve taken the time to notice they left items behind and you’ve reached out to them specifically. You may have even given them a special deal or promised to hold their items for them. All of these things contribute to a shopper’s trust. Ultimately, this trust will lead to a conversion and, if cultivated, future purchases.

cart abandonment

Setting up sales pipelines

When abandoned carts are redeemed by a customer who has developed trust in your brand, it opens them up to your messaging and marketing. More than a generic acquisition, however, redeemed customers will be more receptive to personalized marketing appeals. They’re already familiar with this from your abandoned cart interaction.

Herein lies the opportunity for ecommerce stores to create impassioned, loyal customers. Coming off a good first experience, your newly-converted customers are primed for guidance into your recurring customer pipeline. Some examples include:

  • Immediately following a cart abandonment redemption with a discount for their next order, complete with a personalized suggestion based on their first purchase.
  • Inclusion in a segmented email list focused on their sales habits. For example, based on their dollar spend, items ordered, demographics, etc.
  • Follow-up emails in the future for product launches based on items ordered during their first checkout.

The possibilities are infinite—however they must be targeted. Abandoned cart shoppers need to be fostered into your consumer base and nurtured into brand advocates. Use available data and keep making data-driven inferences about their shopping habits to bring these customers full-circle, from a once-abandoned cart to a reliable, loyal shopper.

cart abandonment

Setting the brand standard

Successfully pathing a customer from abandoned cart to recurring customer sets a standard for your brand. It shows that you’re able to take a non-factor, lost sale and not only bring it to fruition, but turn it into recurring conversions. This is a powerful statement for both your online store and your customers.

When looking at abandoned carts, look past the dollar amount a shopper left behind or the gross profit of their cart. Instead, look at the potential for long-term sales, consistent growth and customer loyalty that might be unlocked. You’ll quickly see that recapturing an abandoned cart isn’t enough—it goes beyond, to create a satisfied, active consumer base and a strong, reputable brand standard.


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