Triggered Emails

Drive revenue and combat abandonment across sessions and devices.

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Cart Abandonment Emails

Triggered emails are sent to shoppers when they have abandoned their cart. The emails are automatically triggered, optimized and sent in real time in order to recover abandoned revenue. The emails can be personalized with scheduling options, frequency caps and shopper segmentation.

Post Purchase Emails

Customers who have purchased in the past are the most likely to purchase again. Post purchase email campaigns reach out to your past customers and send them an email with a value offer after a predetermined amount of time.

Dynamic Cart Display in Emails

Recover up to 25% more sales with this personalization tool.

Automatically display the items shoppers leave behind with cart details- including the image and link of each product. This allows shoppers to review the abandoned cart and click through to purchase.

Customizable HTML Emails

We provide you with optimized email re-marketing templates that have been proven successful for merchants around the world.

Our easy to use email editor allows you to customize each message according to your site’s brand so that your cart recovery campaign seamlessly aligns with your overall marketing efforts. Personally customized HTML emails can be implemented as well.

A/B Testing

Test remarketing messages against each other to see what worked best to bring shoppers back to your site and purchase.

Monitor test results and all performance metrics within the comprehensive analytics suite.


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