Retargeting Shopping Cart Abandoners Through Targeted Emails

If you haven’t discovered already, email is the single best way for eCommerce shops to communicate with their customers. From messages regarding sales, to those offering exclusive or new products, email is an unparalleled tool in the eCommerce marketer’s arsenal. That’s why it’s no surprise a simple email is the most effective method for recouping abandoned cart sales.

But, simply sending a reminder email to an Cart Abandoners isn’t necessarily going to motivate them to come back, pick up their cart and spend money on your site. The smarter approach is to create a tailored email message that encourages them to complete the process they’ve already started, by illustrating the value of the items they left behind.

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Customization is key

Targeting Cart Abandoners with a recapture email is a tailored process—one that allows you to methodically appeal to individual shoppers. In taking the time to customize emails, you avoid off-putting, generic appeals and instead, present a formal appeal that’s more easily accepted by the customer. Here are a few hallmarks of a well-thought-out abandoned cart email:

  • A subject line and opening address that recognizes the recipient by name.
  • Pictures of the items left in the cart, as a visual reminder.
  • A call to action that’s sincere and not overtly sales-driven.
  • A quick-click link to their shopping cart or checkout page.
  • A small segment of copy that acknowledges their cart abandonment.
  • If your site is using a consumer loans program such as Affirm, including the “ALA” (as low as) payments information is a sure deal closer.

Assembling these pieces into an email with a reminder tone can yield phenomenal results—the likes of which may add previously overlooked shoppers to your converted list. Take something as simple as personalizing the subject line, for example. According to an Adestra report, personalized subject lines are 22.2% more likely to be opened over generic ones!

personalized subject lines

Tactics for recapture

Like any aspect of email marketing, tactics should come before execution. This means having a method that aligns with your goal. If your goal is having people convert on their abandoned cart, you’ll need to assume the right tactic for inciting that conversion. Let’s take a look at some of the popular recapture tactics that have proven effective for cart abandonment marketing:

  • Offer a discount to complete the purchase. According to Statista, 32% of cart abandonment is due to the overall price of the cart being too expensive. A small discount could be the push your shopper needs to finish their checkout.
  • Leverage scarcity to get shoppers to act. If your inventory is dwindling on a specific product, let a customer know in real-terms. Scarcity creates urgency, and urgency can fuel sales. According to Shopify, scarcity is one of the 6 major triggers for influencing customers.
  • Use exclusivity to push action. Let customers know you’ll hold their cart for a specific time period to give them priority on sales, or give them a phone number or email that they can use to ask questions. Preferential treatment is a great way to ease customers into reclaiming their abandoned cart.

Start sending emails

The biggest thing to remember when you start marketing to Cart Abandoners via email is to recapture them—not drive them away. This means being smart with the number of emails you send and the frequency at which you send them. Simply sending emails without rhyme or reason is ineffective. See what works best for your shoppers and develop a formula. Remember, a repeatable process is one that yields results. But always test!


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