Maximize revenue over Memorial Day Weekend with these products

In the US, even though Memorial Day is a holiday to remember those fallen in battle protecting our country, it has become a summer kick-off holiday as well. Memorial Day is a big shopping weekend, and knowing what people are out to purchase helps us to focus our campaigns to win the most revenue. So, what are people out to buy over Memorial Day? Here at Datacrushers we have looked at some great items that really should lead any campaign over Memorial Day

These are the top purchased items — the items that ecommerce retailers should be focusing the marketing and putting all their sales efforts toward for the upcoming holiday weekend.


#1 Grills

One of the most popular activities over Memorial Day weekend is to have a BBQ with family and friends. Launching off summer BBQ season pushes many to go out and buy a new grill, or replace their old one in preparation for a summer full of BBQ gatherings and parties. Promoting your deals on grills — both gas and charcoal is a sure-fire way to rack in those big bucks for Memorial Day weekend.

#2 Patio Furniture

Obviously to go with an outdoor grill, patio furniture is a must! Your guests need somewhere to lounge and enjoy the weather in the garden while the grill is fired up. Preparing for summer many people decide to replace their old furniture, spruce up their garden and buy pergolas or new chaise lounges for the pool.

#3 Spring and Summer Clothing

While Spring is coming to an end and Summer is kicking off, spring clothes are going on clearance and new summer clothing are discounted in the stores. People are buying their children’s summer wardrobes, new bathing suits, summer dresses, shorts and sandals. Memorial Day is the time to catch your customers online with your big sales and coupon deals!

#4 Ping Pong Tables, Pools and Outdoor Sports Gear

Ping pong tables, badminton nets, above ground pools, and other fun backyard sports equipment are big sellers over Memorial Day weekend. People are sprucing up their yards for for summer fun with their families. Big sales and deals on these items will bring in the big bucks for Memorial Day weekend.

#5 Travel Deals

Memorial Day weekend is a big travel weekend. Entice your site’s visitors to book a travel package or hotel. Travel sites can make it big in these next couple weeks before Memorial Day- take the opportunity to market your big Memorial Day Weekend deals!

#6 Athletic Wear

Runners and Bikers are coming out of their winter hibernation and going out to buy new athletic wear. Memorial Day weekend is a big shopping weekend for athletic clothing. Entice those athletes with your coupons and sales!

Knowing which products people are purchasing over Memorial Day will help ecommerce vendors prepare their campaigns and sales accordingly. “Get ready for summer” is the Memorial Day slogan. Now go get those sales!

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