Introducing the Datacrushers Email Marketing Automation Suite

Datacrushers is excited to announce the release of the new eCommerce focused email marketing automation suite as an add-on to the Datacrushers Revenue Discovery Platform.

Our powerful email marketing suite helps streamline the entire process of shopper engagement by continuing to further defragment the complex world of eCommerce analytics and marketing tools. Instead of relying on a 3rd party email marketing provider for your newsletters and welcome series,  (sign-up emails), you can now take care of these essential aspects of your business directly from Datacrushers.

The new eCommerce focused email marketing suite allows users to close the circle on revenue discovery by streamlining the process of shopper engagement across the full email stack. What does it include to make this all possible?

Meet the New Drag & Drop Email Editor:

Drag and Drop Editor

The New Drag and Drop Editor

The brand-new email editor was designed for streamlined email template and campaign creation. Emails can be easily created by use of a drag & drop template, uploading your own template or of course via HTML for the more sophisticated merchants. It features dedicated eCommerce components which make it easier for online retailers to create and run the following email campaigns:

  • Newsletters
  • Welcome Series
  • Shopper Reactivations
  • Replenishment Series
  • And more

Now, let’s check out what those eCommerce Newsletters are all about!

eCommerce Newsletters

eCommerce Newsletters are an effective way of bringing your shoppers up to speed on the latest offerings from your business. The Datacrushers eCommerce newsletters make the process of effective shopper targeting incredibly easy and accurate.

Smart. Filters.

Our smart filters allow your eCommerce business to reach the largest number shoppers possible.


The smart filters included in our email marketing suite will also allow you to sort recipients based on shopper behaviors in addition to your subscriber lists. This behavior is tracked by the Datacrushers Revenue Discovery Platform, and can then be applied to the newsletters smart filters across the following parameters.

  • Shopper segments
  • Time since the last visit
  • Time since last abandonment
  • Time since last purchase
  • LTV above / LTV below
  • LTS above / LTS below
  • Product groups and segments
  • Engagement levels

Now let’s expound on that last filter – what exactly does “Engagement Level” mean? Engagement Level refers to a shopper’s interactions with your email newsletters. It has 3 options for filtering the recipients:  Low, Medium, and High.

  • Low: Under 20% of an open rate across the last 3 newsletters
  • Medium: Between 20 – 40% open rate across the last 3 newsletters
  • High: Above 40% open rate from the last 3 newsletters

Welcome Series Emails

Welcome Series Emails

Welcome Series Emails

First impressions matter. Make sure your customers are getting the right message, the first time!

Did you know that welcome emails have the highest open and conversion rates? Make sure to send real-time welcome emails, when the shopper signs up and with clear CTA’s (call to action) and some of your top selling products. Make sure to send a one-time use coupon just to say “Thank You.”

Why Is This Important?

You can use these emails to provide shoppers with all sorts of critical details about your business. For example, you can highlight facts such as:

  • The story behind your business (who, what, when, where etc.)
  • How to contact customer service.
  • Return Policies.
  • Consumer Loan Financing offers (if your business has a consumer-loan Financing partner).
  • Product recommendation.
  • And more!


Our new email marketing suite brings the fight against revenue abandonment and the revenue recovery process full circle. This means that now, your eCommerce business can fully engage with shoppers across the full email stack.

To learn how Datacrushers Revenue Discovery Platform can help your eCommerce business click the banner below.

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