Getting to ka-ching: Israeli startup aims to stop aborted online shopping

Getting to ka-ching: Israeli startup aims to stop aborted online shopping

Datacrushers’ featured by The Times of Israel as a leader in eCommerce conversion tool and artificial intelligence, algorithms to collect data that helps prevent shopping cart abandonment.

It’s been known to happen — possibly only in Israel — that you get to the supermarket checkout with a big box of out-of-season strawberries, only to find the cashier asking: “Are you sure you want to buy these? Do you know how expensive they are?” That sweetly voiced query is sometimes enough to cause you, blushing, to take the fruit out of your shopping cart and leave it behind.

Online, there is no shopping cart-shaming. But there is lots of what is dubbed by professional marketers “shopping cart abandonment,” largely because the checkout process for online purchases can be prohibitively annoying, and it’s a huge problem for e-commerce retailers.

The average shopping cart abandonment rate is around 68 percent for online acquisitions. This jumps to a near-total 97% for acquisitions made through mobile phones, according to data compiled by Ventureburn.

There are a number of reasons for failure to follow through on an online purchase: lack of time, lack of patience, frustrating popups. And some barriers that are surmountable for website visitors become nigh unbearable for those using smartphones to shop, who also have to contend with small screens and keyboards and possible connectivity issues.

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