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Cart abandonment emails are all about recovering revenue when your shoppers’s leave your site empty-handed. But what about actually preventing abandonments from occurring?

In order to prevent the shopper from leaving your site, we’ve created the exit popup! The exit popup is a triggered onsite message designed to discourage the shopper from abandoning the cart and encourage them to purchase in the same session. Once the shopper adds a product to their cart, the exit popup will be triggered by their intent to leave the site (by mouse movement). The popup appears right before the customer clicks “X” on the tab or browser.

Whether you offer a discount, free shipping, or just a simple reminder that they have items in their cart, the exit popup has shown to keep around 10% of potential customers from leaving your site. With this tool, you will actually see a decrease in your site’s abandonments! Please note: since the popup works by tracking the customer’s mouse movements, the exit popup only works on desktop, NOT on mobile.



Now, let’s get you started! To configure the exit popup, type in the destination URL. It should be the cart page or the checkout page so the customer can return to their cart to complete checkout. Next, type in the text for the button (continue to checkout is what it says in this case). You can edit both the background, text colors, fonts and border radius.

In addition to using this simple editor, you can choose to use a custom popup. All you need to do is upload a jpeg file with the image and you now have a custom look and feel using your brand.


To continue configuring the popup click on “Advanced Behavior.” You can segment the popup anytime there is an item in the cart, or to only display for shoppers with a certain cart sum either above or below the total you select. You can offer a discount or coupon code on the popup, but have it only show up for shoppers who have a certain cart total.


You can also limit the amount of times the popup displays to individual users. The drop down menu has the choices to show it once a day, every 7 days or every 90 days. If you want the popup to be triggered only on specific pages, just ask support to do that for you.

Best Practices:

  • Offer the customer an incentive to complete checkout. Free shipping, a discount, other.
  • Try to create a sense of urgency.
  • The popup should be branded, colors, logo, along the lines of your site’s brand.
  • The popup should bring the customer to their cart page or the checkout page.
  • The message should be loud but brief.
  • Ask for advice/ help from our customer support team if needed! Email us here

Here is an example of a nice custom popup:

If you want us to help you create a nice custom popup let us know! We are here for you. Contact us here

Now lets start curbing that abandonment rate!

If you’re not using Datacrushers yet and you’re tired of leaving hard cold cash out in the open, go ahead and talk to us. We’d love to show you what we do.

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