Email triggers – how to set them up for maximum holiday success

Automation is imperative in creating a streamlined eCommerce business. Being able to set up criteria, triggers and actionable analytics means not having to preside over these tasks each and every time they occur. This frees up time to focus on other aspects of the business. During the holiday season, there’s no better way to save time and pay close attention to the influx of seasonal shoppers.

The simplest and most effective automation task you can set for yourself is email automation. On any given day, hundreds or thousands of emails will be issued to your customers—from marketing blasts to newsletters, order confirmations to customer service follow-ups. Having a system in place to automate these emails means being able to conduct massive communications flawlessly. And, with a deluge of holiday shoppers causing myriad other problems, you’ll want the spare time to right the ship and sell successfully while you have the opportunity.

What emails can you automate?

The first question of any dabbling eCommerce manager is simple: “what emails can I automate?” The answer is most of them. All it takes is an understanding of the information required for each communication, the situations dependent on their issuance and the proper process for linking the two.

  • Transactional emails (Welcome series, order confirmations, order shipped, refunds, etc.)
  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Low inventory emails
  • Wish list item emails

The list goes on and on. Really, if the information you’re sending to a customer can be gleaned or parsed from any other source, you can automate an email.

Identify the variables and establish the process

It’s not cost-effective to try and manually email customers during the holiday season, which makes setting up the right triggers essential during this time. There are numerous examples of how triggers can work to automate email in accordance with holiday demands.

For example, customers may be shopping for the best deal on a particular product. If they load up a cart and abandon it on your site, you can set up a trigger email to be sent to that person after 1 hours, 1 day, a week or any other option you decide on. As a holiday bonus, if that email is sent during a holiday sale that applies to an abandoned cart item, it’s possible to entice that customer back via a special email!

Another automation example with holiday merit is the post-purchase email. Holiday shoppers rarely get all of their shopping done in one fell swoop, which means they’ll end up making multiple purchases online. Retailers looking to recapture future holiday sales from the same customers can automate follow-up emails, with or without incentive to return. Something as simple as a breakdown of the order to as complex as a customized coupon code can be triggered depending on the criteria of the checkout (order value, items purchased, customer frequency, etc.).

Identifying when your emails go out and to whom they’re going to helps you identify the variables. From there, it’s up to you to establish the process and triggers.


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Enhance holiday conversions

Email automation ultimately leads back to one goal: increased conversions. During the holiday season, this task gets bigger and demands a more streamlined response. That’s why it’s so critical to delve into email automation on all front in anticipation of prolific holiday retail days. Setting up the right triggers and sending the right emails will keep the revolving door of your e-commerce swinging, with customers coming and going as prompted by your automation efforts.


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