Email Marketing Strategy: Here’s What You Need To Know!

The world of eCommerce marketing is more fragmented today than it has ever been before. Today’s eCommerce merchants have to constantly analyze their site traffic to determine who is coming, and what is being purchased (or abandoned). On the other side of this equation, shoppers are subject to a virtually endless stream of notifications on their smartphones and tablets – all the while seeing ads for products they might not need. The end result of all this noise? A tremendous  loss of sale’s  amounting to trillions of dollars annually,  which have no hope for ever being recovered by anyone. However there is hope! Yes, there is a savior for eCommerce merchants and shoppers alike – email marketing! Email marketing will help your business cut through the noise to secure a shoppers attention (and sales).

Before we go any further, you need to understand why email marketing is so important for your business. Two words:

Direct. Sales.


Because an email is the true digital equivalent to a personal address. While it’s true that there are all sorts of factor’s that can thwart email delivery, the simple fact is that no other method of communication (including social media platforms) reaches audiences better than an email. Hence…

Email Marketing Is Direct Sales:

Email marketing will bring your business more repeat revenue than any other method of communication. On average, the open rate for marketing email’s is over 24%. This is actually a really big deal for a lot of business because of the immense revenue email marketing generates. In fact, for every $1 spent on email marketing, business see an average return of $38.

“All right, I’m sold on the power of email marketing. But what kind of emails should I be sending, and how often should I do so?”

In answer to your question, we’re going to discuss the three essential emails that are critical to email marketing. Seriously if you are missing even one of these things, you can’t really say your business has a functional email marketing strategy. But don’t fret! With the Datacrushers email marketing automation suite, you can get your email marketing strategy up and running in minutes! Click here to learn more!

The Three Emails Your Email Marketing Strategy Absolutely Needs!

First: The Welcome Series Email

Open Rate: 45% – Click Through Rate: 10%

When it comes to email marketing, the welcome series email sets the tone for all future interactions between a shopper and your business.

The Importance of Email Marketing In eCommerce

An example of a Welcome Series Email.


Because a shopper is only going to get this email once! This happens right after they subscribe to your sites email service.

Therefore, when it comes to a good welcome series email, it’s really important to include the following:

  • A “thank you” message thanking them for signing up!
  • An assortment of your business’s most popular products.
  • A special one-time use coupon with an offer of your choosing.
  • Finally, a clear Call to Action (CTA) directing them back to your site.

You should also be sure to include details about your business such as where you are located, your return policy, and how to contact customer service. If your business has a consumer loan financing partnership, it’s a good idea to include that information in the email as well. This can save the shopper time (time saved translates into a higher conversion rate!) by getting them to register with your consumer loan financing partner in advance, as opposed to doing so while shopping.

However, a welcome series email is really a one-time thing. So, what else is required to maximize the success of your email marketing strategy?

Second: The Email Blast

Open Rate: 24% Click Through Rate: 4%

When it comes to email marketing, the classic email blast is the simplest and most effective way of reaching a specific segment of shoppers.


Assuming you have created unique shopper segments (if you haven’t done this – click here!) a segmented email blast will allow you to reach ALL those shoppers at the same time. Because shoppers are segmented based on behavior (Shopper LTV/LTS, what they like to buy, etc.) it makes it that much easier to create a personalized email blast on a per-segment basis.

For example, let’s say you created a shopper segment specifically for people who have purchased purple vibes at the $60 price point. If you need to clear inventory of this item, at the select price point, then a segmented email blast would be the quickest and most effective way of making that happen.

The Importance of Email Marketing In eCommerce

An example of an email blast.

But wait, there’s more! No email marketing strategy is complete without…

Third: The eCommerce Newsletter

Open Rate: 22% Click Through Rate: 3.5%

When it comes to email marketing, the eCommerce newsletter is a true “Tour De Force” because of its revenue-generating superpowers!


With an eCommerce newsletter, you can keep all your subscribed shoppers up to date on the latest offerings from your business.

What really makes eCommerce newsletters special is the inclusion of smart filters which allow for shopper micro-retargeting – regardless of which segment they are in! Using smart filters in tandem with your eCommerce newsletter ensures effective delivery to select recipients.

“Whoa, buddy, what does that even mean in plain English? I don’t have all day. Keep it short.”

Keeping it simple, with smart filters, you get to determine exactly who receives an email based on the parameters of your choosing. For example, you could filter recipients on:

  • The product group (or segment) they have made a purchase from.
  • Amount of time since their last purchase.
  • Their email engagement level (open rate).
  • Their LTV/LTS values.

That is just a partial list the different ways you can filter the recipients of your eCommerce newsletters. However, by using such filters, you can ensure effective delivery of your eCommerce newsletter to all sorts of shoppers.

Smart Filters eCommerce Newsletter Datacrushers Email Marketing

An example of Smart Filters in action while creating an eCommerce newsletter.

For example, if you are running a Spring clearance sale, you may very well decide its only worth targeting shoppers who have spent less than $100, and only purchased from a specific product category. This way, you can create a unique campaign geared exclusively to those shoppers.

In Summary:

The more you do maximize the effectiveness of each type of email, the better the results will be for your business. Email marketing might sound like a daunting task that isn’t for the faint of heart – but nothing could be further from the truth! With the Datacrushers brand-new email marketing automation suite add-on, discovering revenue has literally never been easier! Our email marketing automation suite offers all the important tools your business needs to run a successful email marketing campaign!

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