Solving Shopping Cart Abandonment – il24News Interview New Years 2018

Happy New Year 2018! The holiday season is finally behind us, and eCommerce merchants and retailers the world over can finally get back into the swing of things. But it wouldn’t be New Years if not for a simple statement “How do I ensure the best possible start to my 2018?” a question lingering on the minds of billions of people around the world at this very moment.

Well, for Datacrushers, the answer to that question was to have our very own CEO, James Oppenheim and CRO, Jeffrey Tower give a live interview on i24 News – on New Year’s Day! Wow… What a way to kick off the year!

If you have been following the Datacrushers blog, then you were of course well aware of this planned interview. If you haven’t been following our blog, there’s never been a better time to start doing so!

The interview was featured on i24 News “Trending” segment, hosted by the wonderful, smart and beautiful anchor Emily Frances, with special program tech expert, Dr. Villy Abraham who is a true true superstar!

Throughout the interview, James and Jeff talk cart-abandonment, how Datacrushers recovers abandoned revenue, and helps eCommerce merchants sleep easier at night. The juiciest part of the interview comes when CEO James Oppenheim discusses how Datacrushers is going to shake up and disrupt the world of eCommerce marketing SaaS throughout 2018.

Stay tuned for a lot more!

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Founded in 2015, Datacrushers uses Machine Learning and A.I. along with NLP to identify and recover revenue loss, cart abandonment and discover new revenue sources across any site.  The revenue discovery platform completes the deep ongoing analysis of eCommerce websites by monitoring the three main focal points of any site: The User, Site, and Product.

Unlike traditional “cart abandonment platforms,” Datacrushers does not require shoppers and customers to be logged-in to conduct both on and offsite campaigns. We use a wide range of data-driven and analytics based conversion tools to target the shopper at the right time with the most accurate and effective campaign to drive the sale.

Datacrushers is platform, language, and currency agnostic and requires only a few lines of code to get started therefore delivering an ultra-fast go-to-market with minimal set-up time and tech intervention.

Based out of Jerusalem, Israel, Datacrushers has clients worldwide including,  The US, China, Russia, UK, Germany, and more.

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