The Datacrushers End of Month Update: January 2018

Now that January is over, it’s clear that 2018 is already shaping up to be an amazing year for eCommerce. How Amazing? Well consider the fact that:

  • The Dow broke above 26,000!
  • Our partners at Affirm raised $200,000,000!
  • Jeff Bezos is basically the richest man on earth.

“Cool story bro, but what’s going on at Datacrushers?” Well, that is the real million-dollar question!

Speaking of dollars, the Datacrushers Revenue Discovery platform has officially gone global! You can now view the monetary information presented within the app in the same currency as that of your site. So if you are based in the Eurozone, cash values can now be presented in Euro instead of USD.

… And we heard that people really like having options to choose from. So, we also added support for half a dozen popular languages!

Want to learn more about our brand-new localization features? Just click here.

Speaking of language support, check out this awesome article about Datacrushers written in French. By all means, feel free to share it with your friends in France À LA DÉBANDADE.

What’s up with Amazon Go? I know that our good amazing friend, Bob Schwartz (A serious company builder and one of the guys that you can personally thank for making Magento into what it is today) had to check it out, I mean test it out. But, our fearless leader, CEO, James Oppenheim was interviewed about the new Amazon Go by “NoCamels,” Here’s what he had to say.  

P.S. In case you were wondering what Bob had to say about his Amazon Go experience, just check out this picture below.

bob schwartz

If we’re still on the topic of awesome, amazing and great people, our dear friend and the guy who holds too many titles for us to ramble off over here… Well, how about this “CGO” (Chief Giving Officer), Hillel Fuld was kind enough to go in for seconds and have another sit-down and vlog session with James. Check it out here!

Celebrating New Year’s Day with a Twist:

In some parts of the world, people celebrate New Year’s Day by taking the “Polar Bear Plunge” whereby they jump feet first into freezing cold water. We took a slightly more comfortable approach to celebrating the new year – by being interviewed on live TV.

The interview was featured on i24 News “Trending” segment, hosted by the wonderful, smart and beautiful anchor Emily Frances, with special program tech expert, Dr. Villy Abraham.

 Quick Reads That Are Worth Your Time:

 It’s the weekend, and that means you definitely have 24 minutes to spare. Guess what, if you take the time to read these selected works, your modest investment will net you BIG returns this year.

“That sounds like a scam. Ok, the gig is up – what’s the catch?  Who do I have to start following on Twitter?” 

Well to start, you can follow us on Twitter @Datacrushers and on Facebook too! There is no scam here. Did we mention Linkedin? Your email address is not required, and don’t worry you can keep your first born too. Seriously the only catch here is that you need to spend 6 – 8 minutes reading each article, that’s it!

Story Time:

Good storytelling is a really important part of email marketing. If you want to learn how to tell your brand’s story through email marketing, then check this out.

The fourhorsemen of the apocalypse shoppers:

When it comes to the wonderful world of online shopping, there are essentially four types of shoppers you have to deal with. Learn more about who they are and what they want, over here.

Revenue-Abandonment Strategy 101:

 Are you prepared to tackle revenue-abandonment in 2018? Perhaps you already (hopefully) have a strategy in place but want to double-check if it’s up to scratch? If that is the case, then this quick start guide to developing a strategy for combating cart-abandonment is for you! Check it out!

We really hope you enjoyed reading this update. Stay tuned for even more exciting news as we charge into February! We’re UBER (not the taxi UBER) excited for February we have a lot of news and some cool events coming up!

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Founded in 2015, Datacrushers uses Machine Learning and A.I. along with NLP to identify and recover revenue loss, cart abandonment and discover new revenue sources across any site.  The revenue discovery platform completes the deep ongoing analysis of eCommerce websites by monitoring the three main focal points of any site: The User, Site, and Product.

Unlike traditional “cart abandonment platforms,” Datacrushers does not require shoppers and customers to be logged-in to conduct both on and offsite campaigns. We use a wide range of data-driven and analytics based conversion tools to target the shopper at the right time with the most accurate and effective campaign to drive the sale.

Datacrushers is platform, language, and currency agnostic and requires only a few lines of code to get started therefore delivering an ultra-fast go-to-market with minimal set-up time and tech intervention.

Based out of Jerusalem, Israel, Datacrushers has clients worldwide including,  The US, China, Russia, UK, Germany, and more.

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