Coupon Campaigns for Memorial Day

What should we do for Memorial Day? I hear you ask. My response is an awesome coupon campaign with great discounts on some of your products. Everyone’s heard about coupons. They have been around for a long time. The reason? They work. Coupons are a great way to engage your customers. In a recent study on coupons, 90% of all shoppers use them. One-third of shoppers are using paperless and digital coupons and that number is only going to grow. Coupons are part of the shopping experience and even though they have been upgraded from being stuffed in magazines or as part of mailing campaigns, they haven’t lost their magic. If your platform doesn’t support coupons (which I doubt) there are many services that can create one for you.


1. Give them a great gift

Even with a code for an online store, customers still feel they are receiving a gift. The code is a chance to treat themselves.

2. Reach out to hyper-engaged customers

People are looking for coupons leading up to and during Memorial Day. They are engaged and looking for great offers.

3. Invite them to try something new

86% of consumers are more likely to try a brand or a company they’ve never used when they have a coupon code. Make that part of your campaign and introduce shoppers to your products.

4. Create that Personal Connection

Coupons are personal and the branding associated with an event is very strong. You have a chance to forge a relationship with your customers.

5.Get a Solution

It’s not too late to create a campaign and make the coupons available. Remember don’t keep it to yourself. There are so many ways you can share your coupons. Beyond the obvious social accounts, you probably have, dedicated coupon sites and social selling like Groupon are great places to expand your reach.

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