Why you need to learn about AMP

A whopping 33% of people use their smartphone as their primary internet browsing device! Learn all about AMP and why it is so important for businesses now that mobile use is soaring. https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/am-guide-accelerated-mobile-pages

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Cart abandonment and sales rates for 2016

Shopping cart abandonment is a hot topic now among ecommerce retailers. The potential lost revenue is huge. According to the most recent BI report (Shopping Cart Abandonment – November 2016), approximately $2.75 trillion of recoverable sales were left behind in shopping carts in the past year. Ecommerce is also changing now that people are

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Coupon Campaigns for Memorial Day

What should we do for Memorial Day? I hear you ask. My response is an awesome coupon campaign with great discounts on some of your products. Everyone’s heard about coupons. They have been around for a long time. The reason? They work. Coupons are a great way to engage your customers. In a

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We are celebrating Mother’s Day. We are featuring Rockstar mothers who own and run their own ecommerce sites. We are passionate about e-retail so we are celebrating these mothers’ successes and the amazing things they’re doing online. Here are 4 mother-owned ecommerce sites that we wanted to feature. Not only are these mothers doing

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Commerce Armageddon

This graph is a sign of the times. Big brands are closing their brick and mortar stores and focusing their sales on online platforms. A few years ago, there were warning signs. Analysts were reporting how online sales were growing and would continue to grow. The developing trend is now a fully-grown bull wreaking

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