Cart Abandonments – What Are They and Why Do They Happen?

According to a comprehensive study of 37 highly-trafficked eCommerce platforms by The Baymard Institute, the rate of shopping cart abandonment can be pegged at about ~69 percent. This means as many as 7 out of 10 shoppers take the time to add items to a cart, but then leave before checking out. For online

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Shopper analytics using LTV and LTS

  Datacrushers is thrilled to announce a new feature added to our Shopper Analytics! LTV and LTS. What are LTV and LTS? LTV refers to lifetime value. Lifetime value is the amount of money a shopper has spent on your site since the Datacrushers code was implemented.  LTS refers to lifetime sales. Lifetime sales is

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Creating Facebook Custom Audiences

We are excited to announce the new Facebook custom audiences feature that will enable online retailers to use their Datacrushers shopper analytics to create highly effective and personalized Facebook ads. To use the Facebook custom audiences campaigns, you must first create and save a new segment of shoppers from the "Shopper analytics"

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Four ways to transform user engagement!

In the last article, we started talking about site-wide abandonment and briefly mentioned user engagement amongst other points that can be improved to combat abandonments. This is the first article to look at these points in more depth starting with user engagement. After all, it all starts with engagement! Developing an engaged audience will

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How to combat site-wide abandonments

We started talking about how disruptive cart abandonment is for merchants but there is a much broader issue.  Site-wide abandonments occurs across the customer journey, it's not just about cart abandonment. You will see improved results if you look at all the user activity from the landing page through search and browsing up to

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Abandonaid is now Datacrushers

AbandonAid was founded on the premise of combating cart abandonment, using a wide range of anti-revenue-loss features with the simple, yet complex mission of engaging shoppers and bringing them back to complete their purchase. AbandonAid rapidly became one of the fastest-growing cart abandonment solutions for online merchants. As our solutions grew in scope and power

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8 tips to help combat cart abandonment & beat the competition

The most exciting part about having a website is the opportunity to reach a wider audience but businesses must be aware of cart abandonment and related issues when operating online. The eCommerce world is a trillion-dollar industry, growing at double digits every year. A report presented by Baymard based on 50 websites spread

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Who will you be selling to on Father’s Day

We love Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, it’s an opportunity for everyone to show gratitude towards our parents and loved ones. Merchants have a great opportunity to run effective campaigns and generate sales. The process starts with a tested customer profile which inevitably relies upon stereotypes. In the case of Father’s Day and

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Maximize revenue over Memorial Day Weekend with these products

In the US, even though Memorial Day is a holiday to remember those fallen in battle protecting our country, it has become a summer kick-off holiday as well. Memorial Day is a big shopping weekend, and knowing what people are out to purchase helps us to focus our campaigns to win the most

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