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Site Analytics

Site Analytics show you an overview of your traffic, campaigns and revenue.

See how many visits, sales, and cart abandonments your site has had and how much recovered revenue you have acquired. Also, see how well your email and pop-up campaigns are performing.

Shopper Analytics

Shopper analytics display purchasing and abandonment rates on your site.

Explore your shoppers’ journeys and see if they purchased or abandoned their cart using conversion analytics.  See what they searched for and what campaigns brought them back. Identify the platform (mobile, PC etc) and the operating system they were using to shop and convert.

Product Analytics

See which products are purchased or abandoned the most and the impact that has on your revenue.

Filter and view how your products are performing in terms of cart abandonment and purchases. See which products are viewed the least, purchased the most and view the changing trends based on customer activity.

Campaigns Analytics

See how well your campaigns are performing!

Using our tools, you can monitor open rates, click-through rates and overall performance of your campaigns. You can also set up A/B testing to help you decide which of your carefully crafted email messages or popups work better with your customers.

Traffic Conversion Analytics

The Traffic Conversion analytics show you everything about your visitors and where they come from.

See how many people from each traffic source added an item to their cart, their cart abandonment rate and purchase rate. All the data can be viewed collectively or segregated by desktop or mobile.


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