We are celebrating Mother’s Day. We are featuring Rockstar mothers who own and run their own ecommerce sites. We are passionate about e-retail so we are celebrating these mothers’ successes and the amazing things they’re doing online. Here are 4 mother-owned ecommerce sites that we wanted to feature. Not only are these mothers doing incredible things by providing for their families, they are also providing incredible products for other mothers out there as well!


BabyKtan’s website is user friendly, eye-catching and informative. The products are so great they sell themselves!

Michal Chesal, CEO of Baby Ktan tells us a bit about her journey as a mother and CEO of Baby Ktan. “As a mom of 3, I feel lucky to have been able to grow my business from the ground up, and in doing so, teach my kids that anything is achievable. We first launched Baby K’tan LLC in 2007 as a small family business, working out of my living room, and today we are a thriving company with over 15 employees and our own office and warehouse. Our products can be found in retail locations worldwide as well as online through our own website and other e-commerce sites. Our growth has been amazing and I am always excited about the continuing journey.”

Zoe Apothecary’s website is just gorgeous. It has a calming, healing feeling to it. Almost like a maternal touch!

We were able to get in touch with Layla Levy about her journey. “We’d never built a website before or taken product pictures,” said Layla, who with her mother cofounded Zo’e Apothecary, a high-end natural-cosmetics brand based in Israel. “But we knew we’d gotten it right when a complete stranger wrote: ‘Smashing website! It feels Israeli, sun-drenched, optimistic and good for you.’ E-commerce enables us to send our message — that Israel is a wonderful place — all over the world, and as a mother of three, I am proud of that. We are already in negotiations with the Japanese to bring Zo’e Apothecary to Tokyo!”

Hydrochic’s website is fun, lively and makes me want to purchase their swimwear and jump into the pool!

We got in touch with Sarah Wolf, co-founder of Hydrochic and she told us a bit about the incredible company she has co-founded with Daniella Teutsch.

“When we founded our company designing sun protective activewear designed for swim and sport online we had no idea the degree to which we would impact the lives of so many women. For many women, HydroChic gave them the courage to go back into the water after years of beach or pool hiatus. Hearing how customers have changed their lifestyles has made the struggle to create a whole new brand all the more gratifying. We have developed our line to include plus-sizes, items for breast cancer survivors (mastectomy swim bras), and for women with skin ailments. This year we have designed our exclusive Signature Collection on Italian fabrics in fun prints.

We are honored that Actress Mayim Bialik has been a HydroChic customer and fan for a number of years now!

Being a mother of 5, (ages 5–20) and juggling an online business is a bit more encompassing than most people imagine. There are many facets both online and offline that have to be juggled, and unlike a brick and mortar store, you can’t really close at 5pm. While it’s true that we are our own bosses, I often say, “I am my own worst boss.” One needs to be super dedicated and disciplined, my attitude is that the item at hand needs to have been done yesterday! There is always a pile high of what’s next to get done!”

Co-founder Daniella Teutsch is a mother of 3 and grandmother of 2!

Not only is Terracure a simple, easy to use website, it is informational and intriguing.

Dena Gottlieb told us about how founding her online business has helped her in her role as a mother. “I am a mother of 5 children, one of whom has special needs. For 25 years, I served in the capacity of senior account management in large software firms. I left Hi Tech in favor of development and marketing of health products. Currently, I am CEO of an e-commerce company. My mission is to export high quality health products that improve people’s quality of life. This goal strengthens me and enables me to function well both as a mom and a CEO.”

Here at Datacrushers, we are all about conquering ecommerce and the world of selling online. These mothers are well on their way to winning. We wish them and all our readers a wonderful Mother’s Day!

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