5 monumental days for holiday eCommerce traffic

Starting November 1, eCommerce stores across the web will begin bracing themselves for the most prolific sales season of the year. Within the next two months—November and December—online retailers will experience no less than 5 of the biggest revenue days of the year. And, when you consider the fact that they’re condensed into a 60-day timeline, it’s evident that very little breathing time occurs between these events.

For eCommerce businesses, October is the time to start planning for the busy season. It’s a time to build up stock, plot out holiday campaigns, optimize the website and get everything ready for that big end-of-the-year push. But, before you can plan appropriately, it’s important to know what you’re dealing with. Check out the 5 monumental days for holiday eCommerce traffic and how to plan for them appropriately. Happy selling!

  1. Cyber Monday (Nov. 27-28): Cyber Monday has expanded into a 24-hour sales event that usually starts Sunday and erupts fully on Monday. According to Fortune, 2016 saw a staggering $3.45 billion in sales within this 24-hour time period! Needless to say, it’s in your store’s best interests to launch enticing deals around this shopping holiday. Take advantage of your loss leaders to leverage better product sales, utilize those coupon codes and explore rewards for things like referrals, first-time buyers, high-value customers, powerful cart abandonment and more.
  2. Black Friday (Nov. 25): Everyone’s favorite retail shopping day is also one of the biggest online sales days of the year. Marketing Profs estimates that customers spend about $2 billion on this day alone as they officially kick off the holiday shopping season. (Black Friday and Cyber Monday are now commonly known as “BFCM” our friends at Shopify are doing a great job educating the market about it) Preparing for this day means stocking inventory of your biggest products and leveraging deals to attract increased conversion rates, with higher cart totals. Splash pages for deals are your best friend, and optimizing merchandising is a great way to attract attention.
  3. Green Monday (Dec. 12): One of the best online shopping days, Green Monday is so coined because it’s a great middle-point within the holiday retail season. It’s far enough removed from Thanksgiving that people are in the Christmas mood, yet far enough from Christmas that there’s still time to shop for presents comfortably. This is the time to offer attractive deals that are reasonable for both the shopper and your bottom line.
  4. Thanksgiving Day (Nov. 23): When people are full of turkey and winding down from the family festivities, they all do the same thing: pull out their phones and start shopping. Many will wait a day to purchase on Black Friday, however many shoppers pull the trigger on Thanksgiving Day. Cater to these early birds by giving them an enticing holiday deal that’s different from your Black Friday sales. It’s also a good idea to market actively on the holiday with email blasts and social media posts that drive traffic to your ecommerce.
  5. Free Shipping Day (Dec. 16): This is the last day that most online retailers guarantee shipping before Christmas, which makes it one of the last-ditch days for a spike in conversion. Leading up to this day, it’s important to advertise free shipping and returns if possible, and base your deals and sales around shipping benefits. For example, offer shipping upgrades above certain checkouts or provide a free gift with shipping.

Knowing what days are primed for conversions is only half the battle. Capitalizing on the opportunities these shopping events bring with them is what will help you succeed during the fast-paced holiday season. Take these days into account when planning for end-of-the-year sales and keep appropriate marketing opportunities in mind as you strive to win-out during the 60-day holiday shopping season.

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