10 optimizations to drive mega sales this holiday season

Looking for a few great ideas to help bolster your eCommerce success during the upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday #BFCMwin and holiday sales season? Whether it’s raising your conversion rate, recouping lost transactions, improving customer experience or merchandising better, there are numerous little tweaks that can be made to optimize your site just in time for the influx of holiday shoppers. Let’s look at 10 of them:

  1. Above all else, start retargeting abandoned carts! Shoppers are a fickle bunch—especially during the holiday season. Abandoned shopping carts signal the intent to purchase and properly retargeting these shoppers can boost your sales in a big way when they convert.
  2. Merchandise better and put your most important products where anyone can find them. Use site search data and other collected analytics to understand what your customers will be looking for this upcoming season.
  3. Invest in better product pictures or even 3D views for your items. A majority of customers say that the product picture is the single most important part of their purchase decision. You could see increased sales with better product images on-site.
  4. Generate landing pages and leverage them across all of your marketing. This is not only a merchandising tactic, it’s also a seamless way to move customers into your sales funnel. Plus, it gives your bestselling items their dues.
  5. Rewrite product descriptions to include better information, exciting language, SEO terms and more. This is critically important for seasonal products and will lend confidence to customers.
  6. Deploy pop-up prompts where applicable—for example, as customers are about to leave a page or as they check out. With the right incentive, this simple addition to your ecommerce business could drive as much as 2% more traffic to your checkout.
  7. Boost your product reviews before the holiday rush. Getting existing customers to leave (good) feedback will help holiday visitors feel more comfortable in their purchases and give them confidence in your platform when it comes time to buy.
  8. Check all 301 and 404 links to make sure you’re not leading potential shoppers to a dead end anywhere in the sales process. Hitting dead ends means losing sales, so make sure your network of links is up to date and functioning fully.
  9. Take a look at your navigation setup and make sure it’s as easy as possible for people to use. New customers and first-time shoppers will be completely turned-off if they can’t easily navigate your site, which means losing out on their sales revenue.
  10. Get your inventory updated to reflect proper numbers. The last thing you want to do during the holiday rush is sell products you don’t have or run out of something hugely in demand without realizing it!

BONUS: Set up your holiday email and social media campaigns ahead of time and automate their release, so you can focus on responding to the incoming customers as a result. This’ll give you the ability to focus on conversions, while still running full steam ahead on marketing.

All of these items may seem simple—and that’s because they are! But, just because they’re simple doesn’t mean they won’t have a profound effect on helping you reap dividends during the holiday retail shopping season. Even if each little optimization you make accounts for a small fraction of your daily revenue, it’s still a boost to already positive holiday sales. The only difference is that when the holiday sales end, your optimization efforts will continue to pay off.

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